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Roofing & Guttering

There’s no job too big or too small for Plug-A-Long when it comes to roofing! We’ll carry our small repairs such as a simple seal with silicone, up to installation or replacement of domestic and commercial roofing. We only use products of Australian Standard.

Metal roofing, metal fascia, guttering and down pipes (metal or PVC) are all part of our roof plumbing services.
There are several colours and profiles of roofing and guttering to chose from. Call us for further information.

Ensure you have your roof and guttering cleaned of leaves before the summer fire season to minimise the chance of the leaves in your gutters catching on fire. Silt and dust creates dirt and plant matter growing in gutters. This dirt holds moisture and will make your gutter rust out. When this washes into your stormwater drain it can cause blockages. Clean your gutters and save money in further repairs.

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